This will include one 13.5ml bottle of a previous Polish Pickup shade, a previous Shimmer Box shade, a previous Hella Handmade Creations shade, a previous Polish Of The Month shade, or any other exclusive polish that Pampered Polishes has participated in. Here's what I have in stock:


- And Merryweather

- Curiouser & Curiouser

- Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk?

- This Watch Is Two Days Slow

- Double Stripes Break, Doi!

- WTFunnel

- Peaceful Utopia

- Yes, I've Always Been Green


If you've received any limited edition shade mentioned, please leave a note telling me which one so you don't get a duplicate. Likewise, if there was a specific one you were wanting, leave me a comment as well and I will do my best to accommodate!

Mystery Polish